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Intrepid's New Structures and Projects for 2013


Intrepid presents its new building structures in which all the future technical innovations will be planned and manufactured,  in Via M. L. King, 116 in Salizzole (Vr – Italy), where the winning ideas of Sguerzoni will become real and modern products.

The new production department, under the supervision of professionals, will transform the raw materials into exceptional spare parts and chassis, dedicated with passion, to all the Intrepid customers.

Now today, the partnership with Champion Racing & Distributing - INTREPID NORTH AMERICA is a reality, in fact, very soon, you'll receive your new and original Intrepid chassis.

On the web-site, www.intrepid-kart.it, you can already visualize the new accessories and the first chassis of the innovative range, the Intrepid endurance kart, a hybrid between the racing and rental chassis that maintains the well-performing race attitude of Intrepid.

Intrepid is also working on a new project: The "Intrepid Business Centre". It is based at Via Friuli, 5 – Lugagnano di Sona (Vr – Italy), in a very popular area thanks to the nearness to the motorway, to the airport, to the Garda lake and to the biggest Italian shopping centre.

On the second floor of this modern building, Intrepid is organizing its main business base with a big show room and Intrepid museum which will be opening in 2013!

Intrepid is working for you in the way to guarantee the best materials and the best service... so, to organize your order for the coming racing season, don't hesitate to contact:

Intrepid North America - Champion Racing & Distributing
Rodney and Brett Beryhill at:
Ph. 405-579-2777
Email: rodney@championkart.com / dub@championkart.com.